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Silversheep is minimalist jewelry, thoughtfully crafted in sterling silver, 14K gold fill, and semi-precious stones. Every piece of Silversheep Jewelry is designed and fabricated one at a time by self-taught metalsmith, Sylvia Baba. A classically trained singer, Sylvia discovered her love for creating jewelry while working toward a Master's Degree in music. Her work is inspired by the natural, man made, and invisible forces around us and her designs aim to hone in on the core of some of life's big ideas with the use of uncomplicated shapes and unique textures. 

A percentage of every sale is donated to help animals in need.


Pavement Collection

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Pavement is a lesson in letting go. The tighter we try to hold on to what we've built, the more we realize that we are not in control, and in spite of our delusions of grandeur, the earth will always take back what's hers, in time. In the Pavement collection, the scarred and pitted face of a century-old hammer imparts an unusual texture grounded by structured shapes. Pavement represents the overlap of natural and man made, of urban decay in motion.

River and Stone collection


Just as the Grand Canyon was carved out over millennia by the Colorado River, water has the power to influence and guide us. The sweat and tears poured out over our lifetimes smooth our rough edges and cleanse us, sometimes gently, but often painfully. Like a wide, slow-moving river, the River and Stone collection features smooth curves punctuated by natural gemstones. 

Orbital collection

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Whether it's vast celestial bodies orbiting around distant suns, or the tiniest particles in the known universe circling around their nuclei, nothing is ever stagnant. The Orbital collection is about the constant state of flux that permeates every facet of our lives, represented in sweeping arcs of sterling silver and delicate chain.